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Why Use Copson Migration Partners?

Every visa application must meet the actual legal requirements for that particular visa to be successful. These requirements are found in the Migration Act 1958Migration Regulations 1994 and Ministerial Directions as well as in the policy guidelines contained in the Procedure Advice Manual (PAMS). The Department of Immigration Case Officers use these to assess application.

Copson Migration Partners are able to provide you with the migration law expertise to submit the best possible visa application which would save both time and money.


Who Are We?

Graham Copson is the director of Copson Migration Partners. Graham experienced migration first-hand when he migrated from the UK in 2003 with his family.

Graham had spent 20 years in banking and finance industry. He ended up as Head of Treasury Management and Investment Manager with US$5 billion assets under management before moving to South Australia. He managed his own skills assessment as a General Manager through the Australian Institute of Management and became an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

In 2004 he set up a settlement services business which became an international recruitment company to help migrants move to Australia. At the same time he also established a registered migration agency practice in 2005 with a registered migration agent partner. In 2009 to facilitate overseas skills assessments Graham set up and became Chief Executive Officer of a Private Registered Training Organisation.  The Training Organisation gained CRICOS to enable it to deliver training to international students in 2011.

After 2012 Graham has refocused on international recruitment and migration, setting up Copson Migration Partners in 2015.


Muditha Mahanama recently joined Copson Migration Partners and is the Manager of the Processing Area. He migrated with his wife (a doctor) and three children from Sri Lanka.

Muditha is a barrister, holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is qualified in the Banking and Finance Industry where he was a branch manager with 20 years banking experience in Sri Lanka.  

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