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  2. Disclaimer: This Indicative Business Points Test is calculated on the information you provide. The result is indicative does not reflect our opinion and is not migration advice. We will be pleased to discuss any visa pathways with you.

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  8. What is your business?
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  9. Age(*)

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  10. English Test taken in the past 3 years(*)

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  11. Please give details of any other English Test you have undertaken in the past 3 years?
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  12. Educational qualification(*)

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  13. Business experience qualifications(*)

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  14. Investor Experience(*)

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  15. Financial Assets - The net value of the business and your personal assets (including your spouse or de facto partner’s personal assets) together;(*)

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  16. Business Turnover - You had an ownership interest in one or more main businesses that had an annual turnover of;(*)

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  17. Special Endorsement has been received by

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  18. Select which regional area would you like start your business and live

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  19. Business Innovation

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    a) You held an ownership of a joint venture agreement with another business or business; and
    b) The joint venture had been entered into for over 1 year; and
    c) You use your skills to actively participate in the day to day management of the business

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    a) Was established for not more than 5 years; and
    b) Had an average annualized growth in turnover that was more than 20% per year over 3 continuous fiscal years; and
    c) For at least 3 fiscal years employed 10 or more fulltime employees
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    a) Had a government grant that was awarded and used for a business start up or business expansion of at least AUD 10,000 received not more than 4 years ago; or
    b) Had received venture capital funding of at least AUD 100,000 not more than 4 years ago for helping to start up the business or business expansion.

  25. Attachments - Max limit for each file is 2MB
  26. 1) Evidence of ownership of business
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  27. 2) Financial Reports (Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet) for 2 most recent fiscal years
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  28. 3) Copies of investment reports/bank statements
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  29. 4) Resume/CV
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  30. 5) Passport Biodata Page
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