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Full Service

This is a fixed fee service to help identify and chose the best visa option for you.

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Visa Review Service

Self prepared applications reviewed by a registered migration agent before submission
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Skills Assessment

Helping applicants prepare for their skills assessments.

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Every visa application must meet the actual legal requirements for that particular visa to be successful. These requirements are found in the Migration Act 1958Migration Regulations 1994 and Ministerial Directions as well as in the policy guidelines contained in the Procedure Advice Manual (PAMS). The Department of Home Affairs Case Officers use these to assess application.  

Copson Migration Partners are able to provide you with the migration law expertise to submit the best possible visa application which would save both time and money.

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Work with a Registered Migration Agent in Adelaide

We are a dynamic team of immigration consultants in Adelaide who are dedicated to helping non-residents secure their Australian visa. As migrants ourselves, we understand how complex the procedure can be. This has effectively inspired us to establish our own immigration agency in the capital of South Australia, where we can help others achieve their dreams for themselves and their families.   

Why Engage an Immigration Agency?

All Australian visa applications must abide by the binding legal requirements as stated in the Migration Act 1958, Migration Regulations 1994 and Ministerial Directions. The application must also address the policy guidelines contained in the Procedure Advice Manual.

This can often become a daunting and time-consuming process. Furthermore, one mistake could cost you your entire visa. As Adelaide’s registered migration agents, Copson Migration Partners can provide all applicants with the necessary expertise to structure and submit the best possible visa application.

Depending on which service you choose, we effectively become responsible for dealing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf. While we cannot influence the outcome or fast-track the processing of your application, we can give you the best legal guidance and support to prepare a strong application.

Among the visas we can help you achieve are the 482 temporary skill shortage visa, the 489 skilled regional provisional visa and the 190 skilled nominated visa.

Providing Migration Expertise for a Wide Range of Visas

We’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive service. As registered migration agents, we can provide assistance for family visas and partner visas, to more intricate categories including subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) and the ENS visa (Employer Nomination Scheme).

Ensuring a Smooth Process to Securing Your Visa

As experienced immigration agents servicing South Australia, we promise to perform the following:

  • Ask the right questions to understand your circumstances and needs
  • Maintain transparent and regular communication with you
  • Update you on the process of your application
  • Show diligence and care in our review processes
  • Guide you through the nuances of visa application
  • Strive to bring you peace of mind
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