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--- No Longer Applicable after 16 November 2019 ---

We Provide Assistance to Migrants in Receiving Their 489 Visa

Copson Migration assists individuals looking to receive their 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional)  489 visa. As a team of migrants ourselves, we are dedicated to helping others looking to achieve their dream of living in Australia make this dream a reality. We are a migration and immigration agent located in Adelaide who can help you with the process of receiving your 489 visa. We understand the process of attaining an Australian visa can be a difficult and lengthy one, and therefore we assist you each step of the way. This includes helping you with all necessary documentation.

What is the 489 Visa?

The 489 visa falls under the category of the skilled migration program which targets people under 45, competent with the English language and highly skilled in their chosen field. The idea of the skilled migration program is for the recipient to make an immediate contribution to the Australian economy in their field. The 489 visa is applicable to those people who are unable to fulfil the requirements of a permanent residency skilled visa.

The visa is valid for four (4) years however you will have the ability to apply for permanent residency (2) years into the visa. To be eligible to apply for permanent residency you must have worked in Australia for at least 12 months in a Specified Regional Area of the country. To be eligible for the 489 visa you must receive nomination from the government of South Australia or be sponsored by an eligible relative living in the country.

Contact Our Team to Find Out More

We can provide all necessary consultancy for the obtaining of this visa (however our assistance does not guarantee the visa). To find out more about this visa and how Copson Migration can help you attain it, feel free to call us on +61 (0) 8 8155 6062 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page.

We can also assist with attaining the 190 skilled nominated visa as well as the 482 temporary skill shortage visa.


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