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Given Name(s)(*)

Family Name(*)


Telephone Number

What is your business?


English Test taken in the past 3 years(*)

Educational Qualification(*)

Business experience qualification(*)

Investor Experience(*)

Financial Assets - The net value of the business and your personal assets (including your spouse or de facto partner’s personal assets) together:

Business Turnover(*)

Special Endorsement has been received by

Select which regional area would you like start your business and live

Business Innovation

You or your main business has 1 or more patents or registered designs, registered for more than 1 year and used in the day to day business activities

You or your main business has 1 or more registered trade marks registered for more than 1 year and used in the day to day business activities

Each must apply;

a) You held an ownership of a joint venture agreement with another business or business; and
b) The joint venture had been entered into for over 1 year; and
c) You use your skills to actively participate in the day to day management of the business

You must not have derived more than 50% of the business annual turnover from export trade in at least 2 of the past 4 fiscal years

You had an ownership interest in at least 1 main business that;

a) Was established for not more than 5 years; and
b) Had an average annualized growth in turnover that was more than 20% per year over 3 continuous fiscal years; and
c) For at least 3 fiscal years employed 10 or more full-time employees

You or your business must have;

a) Had a government grant that was awarded and used for a business start up or business expansion of at least AUD 10,000 received not more than 4 years ago; or
b) Had received venture capital funding of at least AUD 100,000 not more than 4 years ago for helping to start up the business or business expansion.

Attachments - Max limit for each file is 2MB

1) Evidence of ownership of business

2) Financial Reports (Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet) for 2 most recent fiscal years

3) Copies of investment reports/bank statements

4) Resume/CV

5) Passport Biodata Page


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