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If you wish to put together your own visa application we can provide a checking service before lodging your visa application. When you are spending thousands of dollars in application fees it is perhaps worthwhile to have an experienced professional migration agent to review your application and identify any missing documents.

Failure to lodge an application can not only become a costly exercise but it can waste a lot of time.

For a one-off Review Fee of $750 + GST we can provide this security if you want to manage your own application but would like to receive the comfort of someone looking over it.

Please note that the advice is general advice and is based purely on the information provided. Following the Review if you would like us to continue on managing your application then additional fees will apply. These fee will be based on the complexity of the application and the additional work involved.

Migration Related Consultations

We are able to provide you with the migration law expertise to submit the best possible visa application which would save both time and money.