2019-20 Migration Program Outcome

Immigration Minister Alan Trudge announced the 2019-20 Migration Program Outcome in a media release today (16 September 2020).

From this, we can see how COVID 19 has affected the migration and processing of visas.

The key figures are:

  • The permanent migration intake was 140,366 in 2019-20.
  • Seventy per cent of the visas were granted through the skilled stream (95,843 in total)
  • There were 23,372 regional visas delivered, from the 25,000 places allocated. This compares to 18,308 regional visas granted in 2018-19 – an increase of 27 per cent.
  • There were 41,961 visas granted in the Family program, including 37,118 Partner visas.
  • Two-thirds of permanent visas were granted to individuals already in Australia who transitioned from a temporary visa to permanent residency.

The size and composition of the 2020-21 Migration and Humanitarian programs will be considered in light of the developing COVID-19 situation and announced as part of the Budget process in October.

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The following information has been provided:

Stream and CategoryOutcome
Skill Stream 
Employer Sponsored29,261
Skilled Independent12,986
Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional8,372
     Skilled Work Regional15,000
Subtotal Regional23,372
State/Territory Nominated21,495
Business Innovation and Investment4,420
Global Talent4,109
Distinguished Talent200
Skill Total95,843
Family Stream 
Other Family444
Family Total41,961
Special Eligibility81
Total Migration Program 2019-20140,366


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