Why you should use a registered migration agent?

 1. Going solo – You have a higher risk of refusal

Evidence shows that with increased refusal rates, the need to seek help is required even more. Mistakes, misunderstanding of questions, uploading the wrong documents, or not enough evidence often lead to refusals.

Increased visa application fees along with higher costs, charges and levies, such as the Skilling Australia Fund Levy, means that the financial risk is increased. In many cases these fees, costs and charges are non-refundable, and critically time can be lost.

By hiring a registered migration agent can save time and money, and moreover if you have a refusal this can have longer-lasting effects as it may impact future applications.

Therefore engaging a registered migration agent can be a small price to pay.

2. Knowledge of Migration Law

Migration law is complex and changes rapidly and frequently.

Legal jargon and questions that need to be contextualised may leave you misinterpreting the requirements. If you are a business that lodges sponsorships and nominations occasionally it may be that things have changed. Legislation changes, the forms change, the system changes and the interpretation of the law (as you knew it) has changed. Therefore having a safe pair of hands that has to be up to date with migration law is not only an advantage, but it is essential as no one case or application is the same!

Moreover, as registered migration agents have to maintain a sound knowledge of migration law it is important that you look to gain advice from someone that is required to adhere to the standards set by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the MARA).

3. Migration Agents save time and stress

 It is important to be able to substantiate everything that is included in the application to provide the best opportunity for success. Registered Migration Agents are well practised in ensuring that the law is addressed. Therefore this can save time, reduce unnecessary delays and increase the strength of your application.

4. Success

 Registered Migration Agents enjoy a high rate of success. They cannot by law guarantee success, but with their unique specialist knowledge, they can advise on your suitability and eligibility which helps to determine the likelihood of success. There is little doubt that using a Registered Migration Agent your application can be expedited, efficiently, and effectively and you can look forward.

If you have any questions or concerns as to how these may affect you, please feel free to contact me, Graham Copson (MARN 1575606) on Mob 0417 083 231, or by email graham@copsonmigration.com

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